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I'm Jo Szoke, a practicing English teacher (holding a DELTA degree and an MA in English Theoretical Linguistics) and avid language learner (Rus, Bel, Kor) from Hungary. I've created this site for my personal use but also for everybody who's looking for teaching materials that can be used for online as well as for "live" teaching.

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Cultural stereotypes and the importance of teaching math

#1 What do you think, is this video a joke or is it real?

#2 Do you agree with these girls?

#3 What do you think about cultural stereotypes? What are the first things that come into your mind when you think about Americans?

#4 And what are the stereotypes about your country or culture? Do you agree with them? 

#5 How would you raise awareness about your culture to make people think freely from stereotypes?

#6 And what about the teaching of math? Are you for or against teaching math and why?

#7 Do you think that with the appearance of new technology we are starting to forget how to our mathematical knowledge?

How do you call the major mathematical operations?

And have a look at another hilarious video about cultural stereotypes!